About Me: Full stack web application developer for more than 9 years. Self motivated and committed to learning. Enjoy solving complex problems, finding bugs, and writing clean code.

Backend: Considerable application development experience with PHP and Node.js. Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Zend, Express.JS, and Meteor. API integrations: SalesForce, Facebook, Authorize.net, PayPal, UPS, USPS, and DocuSign.

Databases: Extensive experience with relational, key-value, and document databases. Worked with several different ORMs and ODMs. Skilled in optimizing complex queries. Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Redis Cluster, Dynamo, MSSQL, and Oracle.

DevOps: Proficient in the linux command line. Capable of writing bash scripts and configuring application software such as PHP, Node.js, Redis, Nginx and Apache. Comfortable setting up application servers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and vanilla AWS EC2 instances.

Frontend: Comprehensive experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Experience in accessibility and search engine optimization. Designed many intuitive and responsive user interfaces. Javascript frameworks and library experience: ExtJS, Dojo, jQuery, Backbone.js, socket.io, lodash, and React.

Tools: Familiar with using and integrating development tools such as Vagrant and Gulp. Accustomed to using source control tools such as GIT and SVN.

Project Management: Cohesive in teams using agile development methodologies. In-depth knowledge of documenting detailed technical requirements, sprint accomplishments, and feature use instructions.


Software Engineer


September 2015 - Present

Contract worker for United Rentals: Designed and developed a responsive equipment rental application using the Kendo UI Javascript framework and the Zend PHP framework.

Software Engineer

Robin Sage

June 2014 - Present

Collaborated with clients, external partners, and internal engineers to develop scalable cloud applications on Amazon Web Services using Node.js, Nginx, Redis, Dynamo, and MongoDB.

Improved internal and external development environments by writing technical documentation which detailed architecture, software, and development techniques. Integrated tools such as Vagrant and Gulp to speed up development.

Senior Software Engineer

Alliance Health

May 2012 - June 2014

Lead engineer of internal web based shipping software used by pharmacies across the country. Vastly improved the shipping process with seamless integration of the shipping software into internal FileMaker CRM, Sage ERP, FSI Pharmacy Software, Active Directory, UPS, and USPS.

Assisted in the planning and creation of a data warehouse for MySQL, MSSQL, and FileMaker databases.

Created an intuitive and fast reporting system with CodeIgniter, ExtJS, and MySQL allowing executives and employees to view hundreds of metrics on the state of the company.

Independent Contractor

Blaine Ehrhart Web Developing & Consulting, LLC

December 2007 - May 2012

Consulted with clients on user interface design, optimizing slow applications and websites, and developing large scale applications.

Long term lead developer at a SaaS startup and consultant for several other clients. Major contributor in building a suite of applications using PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

Senior Web Developer

Utah Web Services

March 2008 - October 2009

Developed and maintained PHP websites, WordPress blogs, and Magneto e-commerce platforms. Trained several junior developers and designers on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Managed the companies hosting solution to ensure top performance and uptime for hundreds of websites.